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406 Stover, Fort Collins, Colorado. One of the city's oldest remaining houses.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

Hearsay & Happenstance: The second oldest remaining house in Fort Collins

By On November 23, 2016

The oldest remaining house in Fort Collins is Auntie Stone’s cabin. Even by the early 1900s its significance in the history of the city was recognized. It was called the Pioneer Cabin… Read More

An image of the old Safeway building at 425 S. College in Fort Collins (via Google Streetview).
Renovations & Razes

Then & Now: the Northwest Corner of College & Mulberry

By On November 12, 2016

If you’ve driven through the intersection of College and Mulberry lately, you may have noticed that the parking lot in front of the old Sports Authority building has been fenced in. The… Read More

Purple indicates recently completed projects. Yellow shows projects currently in progress. Orange shows projects that have been proposed.
Renovations & Razes

The Ever Evolving Nature of Downtown

By On September 28, 2016

Close to a year ago I wrote about the changing nature of College Avenue. But that covered an area several miles long, so while some projects were close to each other, the sum… Read More

430 N. Loomis
Then and Now

Then & Now: 430 N. Loomis

By On July 1, 2016

In 1915, a photographer by the name of Lewis Wickes Hine passed through Fort Collins and took several photographs during his stay. He was primarily documenting stories of child labor. (His photographs… Read More

This post card was found on eBay.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

Linden Street… Before the Square Was There

By On May 13, 2016

Summer is almost upon us and one of the things I look forward to most is heading downtown to enjoy the music, art, sculptures, and other entertainment on display in and around… Read More

Snapshot of Ranchway Feeds in Fort Collins, CO.
Then and Now

Snapshots of Fort Collins

By On April 22, 2016

Every morning I walk my dogs. Though I have often taken my camera with me and snapped photos of things that I’ve seen along the way, in August of 2013 I started… Read More

This 1935 aerial photo is from the CSU Digital Archive -- Print #13685. ID#: UHPCS05C603123.
Then and Now

Then & Now: the Oval in 1935

By On March 25, 2016

The Oval has been an iconic part of our community since its creation in 1909. The expansive grassy area with the long promenade of trees that point directly to the Administration Building… Read More

CSU in 1965 - From the CSU Archive
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then & Now: the land where the CSU stadium will stand

By On December 18, 2015

I hadn’t planned on doing a Then & Now post today, but Hap Hazard just keeps sending great shots my way. So today we’re going to take a look at the area… Read More

CSU 1958
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then and Now: CSU in the late 50s and 60s.

By On December 11, 2015

The 1950s and 60s were a period of tremendous growth in Fort Collins. The city grew both up and out. This same pattern of growth is reflected in changes that took place… Read More

Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then & Now: the Plaza at Colorado State University in 1962

By On November 6, 2015

Every generation has grand schemes of how our built environment should look. Two notable local examples can be found on the Colorado State University campus in the Oval and the Plaza. The… Read More

Aggie Village, April 1962
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then & Now: Aggie Village at CSU

By On October 23, 2015

Gordon Hazard recently made this aerial view of Aggie Village North, from the CSU Archives, available, and I’ve had a hard time taking my eyes off this photo. There is so much… Read More