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History on the Road

History on the Road

The Renovation of Denver Union Station

By On February 10, 2015

Last week I attended the Saving Places conference, an event hosted by Colorado Preservation, Inc. for preservationists all along the Front Range. The conference draws people involved in every part of the… Read More

Bonnell Mercantile well painted on the left and the Herzinger & Harter Building on the far right. (Stops 5 & 6)
Architecture & Neighborhoods

Walk Historic Loveland – Downtown

By On December 9, 2014

I picked up a copy of the Walk Historic Loveland brochure at a meeting of northern Colorado preservationists a few months ago, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I finally grabbed my… Read More

History on the Road

2014 Cemetery Stroll / Forgotten Fort Collins Style – The Ault Cemetery

By On September 19, 2014

This will be the last post in the Forgotten Fort Collins 2014 Cemetery Stroll series. I visited the cemeteries at both Ault and Eaton yesterday, but I’m only going to post the… Read More

History on the Road

2014 Cemetery Stroll / Forgotten Fort Collins Style – The Timnath Cemetery

By On September 17, 2014

Although most of the larger cemeteries in northern Colorado have an older section where local pioneers were laid to rest, it’s a cemetery like the one in Timnath that really captures a… Read More

History on the Road

2014 Cemetery Stroll / Forgotten Fort Collins Style – The Bingham Hill Cemetery

By On September 16, 2014

The Bingham Hill Cemetery is located just north of Bingham Hill Road near the top of the hill. There is a pathway that leads from the road up to the cemetery. From… Read More

History on the Road

2014 Cemetery Stroll / Forgotten Fort Collins Style – Wellington Highland Cemetery

By On September 14, 2014

This upcoming Saturday is the 19th annual Cemetery Stroll at Grandview Cemetery, with the theme “Under the Shadow of the Civil War: a Fort is Born.” This year you’ll learn why the Fort was… Read More

John Cusack, the builder of this house and the president of the First National Bank of Wellington, believed that the city of Wellington was destined to become one of the most important business points in Larimer County. (Photo from Ahlbrandt's book.)
Agricultural History

When Wellington Was Just a Twinkle in a Beet Farmer’s Eye

By On August 26, 2014

According to a National Geographic article on sugar, the average person consumed 4 pounds of sugar a year in 1700, 18 pounds by 1800 and a whopping 100 pounds of sugar annually by… Read More

History on the Road

Northern Drylanders Museum is a must-see destination for local history enthusiasts

By On September 29, 2013

If you have any interest in the local history of Northern Colorado, you must visit the Northern Drylanders Museum in Nunn, about a 45-minute drive east of Fort Collins. The museum is… Read More

History on the Road

Ever dream of finding a secret old room in your house? … Well, it really happened to a friend of mine

By On September 7, 2013

Have you ever pulled out your refrigerator and found something unexpected back there amid the usual pile of dust – a cat toy, a fork, some coins, the car keys you lost… Read More

History on the Road

History on the Road – Breckenridge

By On July 29, 2013

“We heartily recommend Breckenridge as being the most fiendish place we ever wish to see.” So recorded a member of the Princeton Scientific Expedition in his diary in 1877, when he and… Read More

If you couldn't afford the hotel, you could camp at Riverside Cottage Camp.
History on the Road

Was Lincoln Avenue Part of the Lincoln Highway?

By On June 2, 2013

I’m excited to share with you today our first “Reader Request” post. This story was brought to my attention by Forgotten Fort Collins’ reader, Edward Buenger, who wants to know if Lincoln… Read More