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Historian’s Toolbox

Graduating class, date unknown. Courtesy CSU Archives and Special Collections.
Historian’s Toolbox

Discovering Local History and More, at CSU Archives

By On February 4, 2013

I recently discovered a treasure trove of local history information in an unexpected location—CSU’s Archives and Special Collections Department. I went there thinking I would find information about the history of the… Read More


Local History on Plaid Friday

By On November 22, 2012

What do local history and Black Friday have in common? Well for starters, you could celebrate Plaid Friday instead and enjoy strolling around Old Town’s historic buildings. While you’re at it, stop… Read More

Historian’s Toolbox

Fort Collins Local History Archive Sneak Peek

By On November 4, 2012

Our historian’s toolbox is about to get a LOT bigger next Saturday, November 10. I have been waiting—and waiting—to get back into the archive since the museum at the Carnegie building closed… Read More

Frontier Faces

This Old House

By On September 10, 2012

Forgotten Fort Collins is all about hyper-local history—exploring the history that surrounds us in the buildings, objects, and people that populate our daily lives. So what better place to start than the… Read More