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Exhibits 1 and 2 (brother and sister). Photo at left is from the August 22, 1975 Coloradoan and photo at right is from Miss Shepardson's funeral program.
Front Range Notables

Charles and Margaret Shepardson

By On September 18, 2017

Reminiscing about Lincoln Junior High on the school’s 95th anniversary brought to mind several well known teachers that may have passed on, but they are clearly not forgotten. In reflecting upon the… Read More

This entry in the Fort Collins History Connections lists the house as being at 408 W. Magnolia which is basically the same place as 331 S. Meldrum, it's just looking at the house from around the corner. (#	H01851)
Guest Post

Then & Then & Now: 331 S. Meldrum

By On June 28, 2017

Fort Collins is an ever evolving city. In the middle of the twentieth century, as Fort Collins experienced a tremendous growth spurt, downtown expanded into what had previously been residential areas.  The following… Read More

The front of a "Colorado and Asthma" pamphlet.
Frontier Faces

A Healthy Place to Live

By On June 5, 2016

People move to Fort Collins for all sorts of reasons. But back in the 1800s, it was very common for people to travel west for their health. Asthmatics, consumptives, and others were… Read More

1433 S Overland Trail 2015
Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Paul Maxwell Rock House

By On May 17, 2016

Have you ever traveled down South Overland Trail Road and wondered about the little stone house on the west side of the street that’s peeking out from behind the trees?  Today’s article is all about… Read More

Miss House playing tennis at the Colorado Agricultural College in 1919. This photo is from the Colorado Statue University Archive. ID #: UHPC_1755
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

A House that Played Tennis

By On March 29, 2016

As I dig through books, websites, and archives while doing research for the stories I write, I often come across the odd photo, tangential story, or even just a small detail that… Read More

1961 0114 1st National Bank 4a
Architecture & Neighborhoods

First National Bank moves to 205 W. Oak St. January 14, 1961

By On March 4, 2016

At one time, First National Bank was located on the southeast corner of College and Mountain in an impressive granite and terra cotta building with grand columns standing sentry on either side… Read More