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Wayne Sundberg giving a school tour in Old Town, Fort Collins, Colorado.
Fort Collins Notables

Happy Birthday, Wayne Sundberg!

By On August 4, 2016

Today is Wayne Sundberg’s birthday! Wayne Sundberg, AKA Mr. Fort Collins, is well known by many in town as “the” historian for the city. Although there may be others who could claim the title… Read More

Dr. Michael Charney in 1986 (Don Eddy granted Dean Schachterle permission to use this photo on July 27, 2016)
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Dr. Michael Charney and the Aftermath of the 1976 Big Thompson Flood

By On July 31, 2016

It was forty years ago today, July 31, 1976, that Northern Colorado’s most devastating flood took place. In this guest post, Dean R. Schachterle looks past the flood to the important recovery work that followed.… Read More

1433 S Overland Trail 2015
Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Paul Maxwell Rock House

By On May 17, 2016

Have you ever traveled down South Overland Trail Road and wondered about the little stone house on the west side of the street that’s peeking out from behind the trees?  Today’s article is all about… Read More

1961 0114 1st National Bank 4a
Architecture & Neighborhoods

First National Bank moves to 205 W. Oak St. January 14, 1961

By On March 4, 2016

At one time, First National Bank was located on the southeast corner of College and Mountain in an impressive granite and terra cotta building with grand columns standing sentry on either side… Read More

Fort Collins Notables

Miles Maryott: baseball player, taxidermist, artist, and expert marksman

By On October 28, 2015

Miles Maryott was well known in his time as both a skilled artist and a nationally recognized marksman. The Fort Collins newspapers proudly mentioned that he had local connections any time he… Read More

Hattie Mcdaniels With Academy Award
Cultural Character

Hattie McDaniel
(AKA Mammy in “Gone with the Wind”)

By On October 10, 2015

Hattie McDaniel, an early 20th century movie actress, was best known for her role as Mammy in the movie “Gone with the Wind” (1939), for which she received an Academy Award as best supporting… Read More

Charles Tresner's EMF car is shown in the foreground with Laurel Elementary School in the background.
Fort Collins Notables

Tresner Family Photos

By On March 20, 2015

While doing research for the article I posted on Tuesday about Charlene Tresner, I came across so many wonderful photos that I wasn’t able to include them all in the post. So I… Read More

Charlene Tresner
Fort Collins Notables

Charlene Tresner: Custodian of Fort Collins’ History

By On March 17, 2015

Over and over again, as I research stories for this website, I find myself appreciating those who have gone before me, collecting and preserving the stories, and the photographs that illustrate them,… Read More

Fort Collins Notables

Property Rights and Wrongs – or – Only Developers Like Eminent Domain

By On September 17, 2014

People generally think of property rights as a political or legal issue, but property rights come up as an issue fairly often when talking about historic properties. In the city of Fort… Read More

Liz and Stew Case with Al and Dottie Case (1943 or '44)
Fort Collins Notables

Liz Case – Mrs. Fort Collins

By On March 10, 2014

“Sometimes someone comes into your life that changes everything — raises the standards, makes you laugh, and makes you feel like you.  There is something about her that you can’t put into… Read More