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Architecture & Neighborhoods

Linden Street… Before the Square Was There

By On May 13, 2016

Summer is almost upon us and one of the things I look forward to most is heading downtown to enjoy the music, art, sculptures, and other entertainment on display in and around… Read More

The Hottel house on S. College Avenue in the 1960s, before it was razed.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Building of the Hottel House

By On April 20, 2016

Benjamin Franklin Hottel moved to Fort Collins in 1877 at the encouragement of friend and business partner, Joseph Mason. He became part owner in the Lindell Mill (Ranchway Feeds). And he quickly settled… Read More

Howard’s Sinclair Service Station in Loveland, Colorado.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

Howard’s Sinclair Service Station in Loveland

By On April 13, 2016

As you drive north on Highway 287 (Lincoln Avenue) through Loveland, you may have noticed a funky gas station on the west side of the road. Built around 1937, the building blends… Read More

The Briggs building at the corner of Mason and Oak in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Briggs Building – at the corner of Oak and Mason

By On April 5, 2016

When we think of Old Town architecture, we tend to reflect upon the ornate brick or stone buildings with storefronts, cornice lines, and ornamentation. But the Briggs building, squatting at the corner of Oak… Read More

Presidents Row at the University of Northern Colorado.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

Presidents’ Row at the University of Northern Colorado

By On March 23, 2016

Last week, during spring break, my daughters (juniors in high school) and I toured three local universities. Our first stop was at the University of Northern Colorado where we were captivated by the… Read More

A view of the front of Ranchway Feeds.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Lindell Mill – Ranch-Way Feeds

By On March 13, 2016

Ranch-Way Feeds is the longest running commercial enterprise in the city of Fort Collins. It began in 1868 as the Lindell Mill. Here’s a timeline for the business. 1868 – Henry Clay… Read More

1961 0114 1st National Bank 4a
Architecture & Neighborhoods

First National Bank moves to 205 W. Oak St. January 14, 1961

By On March 4, 2016

At one time, First National Bank was located on the southeast corner of College and Mountain in an impressive granite and terra cotta building with grand columns standing sentry on either side… Read More

540 Grant Ave.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

A Slideshow of Houses from Historic Loveland

By On January 29, 2016

Last week I took the self-guided walking tour of residential historic Loveland. There are twenty-one properties that are included in that tour, but as I walked, I saw so many other buildings… Read More

The Fansler House with outdoor sculpture - 603 West 5th Street.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

Walk Historic Loveland – A Residential Tour

By On January 26, 2016

The city of Loveland has an incredibly beautiful self-guided walking tour brochure that takes the reader first on a commercial, then a residential, tour of historic Loveland. I’ve written about the pamphlet and the… Read More

Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Vocabulary of Architecture

By On December 4, 2015

I’ve written a fair bit about architecture on this blog. It’s not something that I’m trained in, but I’ve been studying it over the past few years and the deeper I dig,… Read More

Upper left -- the mall in 1975 (from the FC Archive - T01276c). Upper right -- fountain in front of the mall. Lower left -- the new theater. Lower right -- inside the mall.
Architecture & Neighborhoods

The Ever Evolving Nature of College Avenue — Change Happens

By On November 18, 2015

Change happens. Without it, there would be no history. There’d only be now. The question shouldn’t be about whether to allow change or not. The question should revolve around How. It is… Read More