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History Now: Bringing the past to life in Northern Colorado

By On May 24, 2014

Have you ever heard of a really neat sounding history event AFTER the event already took place? Do you like to dress up in period regalia (or at least hear stories from… Read More


Our Collective History

By On March 3, 2014

“Our forbears are deserving of tribute for one indisputable reason, if for no other: without them we should not be here. Let us recognize that we are not the ultimate triumph but… Read More


Same “old” blog, but with a new blogger

By On September 1, 2013

Hello, my name is Peter Fisk, and I have the privilege of being your new Forgotten Fort Collins blogger. This opportunity blends three of my favorite things: history, writing, and Fort Collins,… Read More


So, What is the Scoop Blog Network?

By On August 12, 2013

  It has been one year since the inception of The Scoop Blog Network. We’re now a full-blown online media company of 14 blogs covering a wide range of lifestyle topics in… Read More


Farewell, but not Forgotten

By On August 3, 2013

Forgotten Fort Collins launched on September 2, 2012, and I made a commitment to try it for a year. It has been a lot of fun—I have learned so much about the… Read More


Looking for Leads: Groceries, Bricks, Publishing, and More

By On February 1, 2013

Ah, January. You’re not fond of local history, are you? At least things are beginning to look up—there will be more events to tell you about next month. For now, I will… Read More


Forgotten Fort Collins Reader Appreciation Event!

By On January 18, 2013

I’m excited to announce the first Forgotten Fort Collins Reader Appreciation Event, sponsored by Juiced On Imagination! Julie Gillen has created a “Memory Montage” activity for us – altering an original object… Read More


Welcome to Forgotten Fort Collins!

By On September 2, 2012

“We believe that every person’s world has a history that is useful, exciting, and possible to explore.”  -David Kyvig and Myron Marty, Nearby History, Exploring the Past Around You Greetings, and thank… Read More


Coming Soon!

By On September 1, 2012

Blog launch Sunday, September 2nd. Stay tuned!… Read More