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Agricultural History

Abraham Lincoln Henson (Fort Collins) made some improvements to heavier-than-air type flying machines which received a patent in 1914.
Agricultural History

A Brief History of Innovation in Northern Colorado

By On February 26, 2017

Necessity is the mother of invention. As the early pioneers crossed the Plains and settled along the frontier in the 1800s, they were often faced with situations either entirely different from what they… Read More

Car buried in snow during the blizzard of January 2-5, 1949. Photo from Wyoming PBS.
Agricultural History

The Blizzard of 1949, the Earliest Peoples in NoCo, and a Shoutout to our Sponsors

By On January 6, 2017

One of the most horrible blizzards on the western plains rolled in on January 2, 1949. Temperatures had climbed into the 70s on New Years Day in some areas. But the very next day it took only… Read More

James and Mary Mason, the founders of Masonville, Colorado.
Agricultural History

The Masons of Masonville

By On August 27, 2016

James Robinson Mason was an early pioneer in northern Colorado. He settled along Buckhorn Creek where he raised cattle, was an active Democrat, and held a position on the school board. He… Read More

Historic Great Western Sugar Company Effluent Flume
Agricultural History

Great Western Sugar Company Slurry Flume

By On August 10, 2016

Fort Collins began as a military camp, but agriculture was the basis of its growth as a city. Alfalfa, wheat, corn and beans have all been common crops for the area, but… Read More

Bee Family Farm near Wellington, Colorado.
Agricultural History

Visit the Site of an Early Homesteading Family & a Forgotten Fort Collins Sponsor

By On July 27, 2016

The Homestead Act of 1862 was a means for the United States government to quickly seed new states, such as Iowa and Kansas, and territories, such as Colorado, with American citizens. It was… Read More

Northern Water Colorado-Big Thompson Project Northern Water Boundaries and Facilities
Agricultural History

The Colorado – Big Thompson (C-BT) Water Project

By On July 19, 2016

Homesteaders in the Colorado territory quickly learned that water is a precious resource in this semi-arid climate and irrigation would be a necessity in order to consistently grow crops on their newly acquired land.… Read More

The Poudre River
Agricultural History

Poudre River Water in Your Tap

By On July 15, 2016

We take it for granted that when we turn on the tap, we’ll have instant access to clean, clear water. Though we may have a sense that it comes from the Poudre… Read More

Tractors at the Bee Family Centennial Farm
Agricultural History

Help Me Welcome the Bee Family Centennial Farm as a FFC Partner/Sponsor!

By On May 20, 2016

I’m excited to announce that the Bee Family Centennial Farm has come on board as a nonprofit partner with Forgotten Fort Collins! The Bees are one of the oldest farming families in the Fort… Read More

"Several male students, farm machinery and Case tractor. The building in the background is the Farm Mechanics Building that was constructed in 1905."  -- Text and photo from the Colorado State University Archive (Negative #2190. Farm Mechanics. 3 April 1921)
Agricultural History

Farm Equipment – Can you identify this tool?

By On April 3, 2015

Have you ever flipped through one of those country magazines that includes a picture of some old tool and they ask you to guess what it was used for? On Wednesday I was… Read More

Future Homemakers in 1965.
Agricultural History

There’s No Place Like Home… PHS turns 50.

By On October 7, 2014

It’s Homecoming Week at Poudre High School, but this year it’s a very special homecoming. It was 50 years ago that the school first got its start, the second high school in the… Read More

John Cusack, the builder of this house and the president of the First National Bank of Wellington, believed that the city of Wellington was destined to become one of the most important business points in Larimer County. (Photo from Ahlbrandt's book.)
Agricultural History

When Wellington Was Just a Twinkle in a Beet Farmer’s Eye

By On August 26, 2014

According to a National Geographic article on sugar, the average person consumed 4 pounds of sugar a year in 1700, 18 pounds by 1800 and a whopping 100 pounds of sugar annually by… Read More