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Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

These students at Cache la Poudre school were waiting in line for soup.
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then & Now: FCHS, Lincoln, Franklin and CSU – plus some bonus shots from Rockwood & CLP

By On August 21, 2015

I have a love hate relationship with trees. I didn’t use to. I used to just plain love them. But I didn’t used to put Then & Now photos together for posts… Read More

Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then & Now: CSU in 1940 and Today

By On March 6, 2015

One of the things that it’s taken me awhile to grasp is the fact that for a long time, the buildings around the Oval and along College Avenue were pretty much the… Read More

A "Shucking Bee." Note the radio announcer to the left as well as the people in the back eagerly watching the men shucking corn. February 11, 1928 (From the CSU Agricultural Archive online.)
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

University Acres: from Farm to Suburb

By On January 13, 2015

When the army first moved Camp Collins from Laporte to the area where Willow and Linden are today in downtown Fort Collins, they were essentially moving to an open plot of ground, most… Read More

The Industrial Sciences buidling was originally called the Mechanic Shop.

This side of the building faces Rembrandt Drive.
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then and Now: Rembrandt Drive and the Oval at CSU

By On January 9, 2015

If I were to take away your computer, your smart phone, and your Rand McNally (All the young folks are probably scratching their heads at that last one.) could you tell me… Read More

Young Child - undated
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

New Years Resolution Suggestion: Identify People in Your Photos

By On January 2, 2015

If you still haven’t figured out what your New Years’ resolutions are going to be for 2015, might I make a suggestion? Could you please, please, please, for the sake of your… Read More

Summer skiing in Milner Pass.
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Snow Scenes from Mountain Trips

By On December 19, 2014

Following up yesterday’s Throwback Thursday post on Breckinridge, I thought it might be fun to look back at old photos of Fort Collins folks enjoying some snowy mountain adventures. Ironically, most of… Read More

This co-ed prom picture makes you wonder if it was taken in summer or winter. These girls were photographed on February 9, 1934. (Colorado Archives & Special Collections)
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Colorado Agricultural College: Campus Costumes

By On October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Although I couldn’t find any Halloween photos on the CSU Archives & Special Collections website (and the few on the city Archive were a bit too small), I still came across several… Read More

Photo from the CSU Archives & Special Collections department.
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Then and Now: The Glenn Morris Field House at CSU

By On October 17, 2014

Labeled only as the “Men’s Gym” on the Colorado State University Archives & Special Collections website, what is now known as the Glenn Morris Field House is shown here in 1940 and 2014.… Read More

Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

A is for Aggie: a Then and Now post

By On September 5, 2014

A large “A” on the ridge to the west of campus first appeared in 1923 and was enlarged and painted white in 1924. Students had chosen an “A” for Aggie, as in Colorado Agricultural… Read More

The Fort Collins team of 1915. (Photo via the Fort Collins Triangle Review.)
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team

By On May 20, 2014

“A game of baseball is like a buckwheat cake — a great deal depends on the batter.” – Fort Collins Courier, December 15, 1881 Baseball has been played in Fort Collins since… Read More

Roger and Alice Steele Residence
1810 South Taft Hill Road
Modern Movements style home built in 1966
Agricultural College / A&M / CSU

Ozzie and Harriet vs. Studentlandia

By On March 31, 2014

The city has recently decided to dust off its 1999 West Central Neighborhoods plan and give it an update. In an effort to get citizen input on the project, they held two… Read More